Mark de Lacy with
Peter Belliss

Bellissbookcut1.JPG (21748 bytes) The thing that sets the top lawn bowlers apart from the rest is what they train.  And what they train is not their bodies so much as their minds.  Bowls is a mind-game.   To get good at it, you have to train your mind.

"What the mind truly believes, the body inevitably delivers".

The above statement explains the difference between excellence and mediocrity, between the champion and the also-ran, between winning and losing.  The body that wins is guided - driven - by the mind that truly expects to win.

It follows that technique - the act of delivering the bowl - is of central importance.   This is because unless the delivery is consistent, and the bowl is released exactly the same way each time, we're providing inconsistent data to "Rupert".

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